A Half-elf warlord whose experience is uncommon for his years.



He has born to an elven mother, an archer from the Eldeen Reaches, his father was a soldier in the Aundair army. They met during some of the many engagements in the wars around Aundair. Kaelis grew up strong and fast but seemed a young man of few cares, one that picked up no trades, In Aundair this made him somewhat of an outcast. Before long he picked up a sword and Joined the army. Kaelis rose in the ranks quickly for his age and became a young officer in the Aundair Army, late in the Last War. He saw very few battles, mainly minor skirmishes against the armies of Northern Thrane.

In 994 Intelligence agents in the Aundair army learned of a planned attack against Karrnath by the Kingdom of Cyre. The Aundair army, wanting a crack at Karrnath in the hopes of destroying the City of Atur, sent a small Division of Soldiers by airship to join the Forces of Cyre. Kaelis eager for glory, joined the seasoned Division.

The attack against Atur proved effective, but a brutal counter attack caught the small Aundair Infantry division offguard. Most of the officers perished in this initial fighting so a scattered remnant fled south, straight into the darkness of the Nightwood. Kaelis, quite without planning, had achieved his first command.

Nightmares pursued the haggard soldiers but where the enemy struck so did Kaelis, his two-handed sword seeming light in his grip. When his men’s spirits fell, Kaelis was quick to offer encouragement. Hours passed with the small division making its way slowly through the embattled wood. The forest claimed many men of Aundair that day, Kaelis took each to heart. but with every man slain his determination grew.

Shouts of joy were heard as light invaded the Division’s shadowed existence, freedom at last greeted the men of Aundair. Shouts of “Aundair Dares!” and “Kaelis of Nightwood!” could be heard. As the men looked on, Kaelis collapsed. He had been hiding a poisoned arrow, lodged into his chainmail.

That was the last Kaelis saw of any of the brave Infantry under his command. He awoke weeks later in Wrogar keep. A lone agent riding a Dragonhawk met with the Division south of the Nightwood. As the rider could only carry one, they sent Kaelis with him for healing. The last any in Aundair had heard of the few dozen Survivors, they had regrouped with Cyre forces and perished with everyone within Cyre on the Day of Mourning.

Kaelis was deeply troubled by the loss of his men on the day of Mourning. On the day the Treaty of Thronehold was signed, he quietly left the army and boarded a lightning rail heading south. He climbed out into Sharn, wandered the city as if lost, until a welcoming smile peered out of a frame of light, but it was what the young barmaid carried which had Kaelis transfixed, a welcoming mug of ale. Tired legs ferried the young half-elf the final steps into the Amethyst Dragon Inn.


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