A Beast Master Ranger with a Large Cat Companion.



Born in the central hills of the Eldeen Reaches, Brie knew from early childhood she was different. Her mother and father were loving parents who encouraged her to experiment with her natural abilities, but also cautioned her not to reveal her secrets as she would likely be misunderstood. So she respected their wishes, went to school, and kept to herself.

When she was old enough, her dragon-mark allowed her entrance into training to be a griffin rider. With the war a constant presence, she drilled and trained and showed some skill at being a messenger. This freed more experienced riders to go to the front lines and eventually she was given missions farther and farther from the Eldeen Reaches. One day in a small city governed by a man with a large ego and an even larger sense of paranoia, a mage cast a spell of true sight upon her. When he discovered her true nature, he accused her of being a spy and an assassin. Fleeing from his presence did nothing to assuage his suspicions, and words fly more quickly than a griffin. By the time she returned to headquarters, her reputation was ruined and she was being considered for court martial. Her captain, knowing her trustworthiness, and the bullheadedness of those who would claim to be for the public good, arranged for her to disappear.

And what better way for her to disappear than to run away with the circus? It would not have been her first choice, but then it is never anyone’s first choice. She trained with them as an acrobat and practiced her fighting skills against any bandits who wished to waylay them along the roads. One set of particularly bold bandits had a griffin cub with them, which she took as her own. After the Day of Mourning, she parted ways with the troope and began searching out her own destiny. She ended up in Sharn, as most adventurers do, and took permanent lodging there. Now she takes missions from those who mainly need to be in two places as once. Hey, it keeps a roof over her head and the cub fed.


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